If everything else fails, try Triops

Sometimes Science is nothing more than checking assumptions. This holds true whether you are a theoretical biologist (e.g. checking model assumptions), experimental biologist (e.g. checking assumptions of experimental design), or just love doing statistics (as we all do). During the first weeks of my PhD, I found out that I perhaps needed to check the basic assumption my supervisor has about me: that I would be able to let eggs hatch in the lab. Until now, I have been unable to let the desired rotifer eggs hatch, but I can proudly announce that since five days we have some pets in our office: Triops! These crustaceans are considered ‘living fossils’, and just as the rotifers I’m investigating, their eggs can remain in a state of diapause for a prolonged period of time.

Assumption “I have the capacity to let resting eggs hatch under laboratory conditions”: Check!


Triops X, one of our new office pets
Triops X, one of our new office pets

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