Dominik Behr | PhD Student

My research interests are in the field of population ecology, movement ecology, animal conservation and wildlife management.

My current research focuses on dispersal and its demographic consequences in the African wild dog. I aim to explore the patterns and mechanisms of dispersal as well as the resulting population-dynamic implications by acquiring movement data and by using long-term demographic data. Ultimately, the goal is to provide scientific evidence for the implementation of effective conservation strategies for this endangered large carnivore. For more information, please visit our research page.

My previous work has investigated whether there is spatial consensus between suitable wolf habitats and public acceptance of the wolf in Switzerland.

Besides my research, you will most probably find me outdoors doing sports and taking pictures of wildlife or at the zoo in Zurich, where I work part-time as a guide. I also like traveling, reading, cooking and having a good beer with friends.



  • 2016-present, PhD student at Population Ecology Research Group, University of Zurich
  • 2016, Research assistant at Population Ecology Research Group, University of Zurich
  • 2014-2015, MSc in Environmental Sciences, University of Zurich
  • 2014, Nature Field Guide qualification, Limpopo Field Guiding Academy, South Africa
  • 2010-2013, Industrial Engineer, ABB Ltd, Switzerland & China
  • 2006-2009, MSc in Management, Technology and Economics, ETH Zurich
  • 2003-2006, BSc in Environmental Engineering, ETH Zurich



  • Behr DM, Ozgul A, Cozzi G (2017) Combining human acceptance and habitat suitability in a unified socio-ecological suitability model: a case study for the wolf in Switzerland. Journal of Applied Ecology