Florence Zufferey | HR Assistant

As HR responsible of the PopEcol group, I ensure everybody has a proper insurance, gets his/her visa and of course their salary at the end of each month.
When I am not at the IEU, I work on my PhD at the Historical Institute of the University of Zurich. I study medieval history, trying to find out what laws and regulations existed for (christian) pilgrims and how a largely illiterate society knew about their rights and duties when it came to religious travelling. So I spend a lot of my time reading old, Latin documents wondering if the Middle Ages actually provided the basis for the modern HR and insurance industry.

When I am not studying or working, I enjoy learning new (modern) languages, cooking, travelling to medieval places, photography, discovering Switzerland by motorbike and playing basketball. If struck by insomnia I enjoy reading non-medieval books.



  • 2014-present: PhD in Medieval History at the Historical Institute of the University of Zurich
    Working title of the thesis: Pilgrims’ law(s) – Taught and applied laws in the high and late medieval period in central Europe (1215-1500/1550)
  • 2011-2014: M.A. in Medieval Sciences, Medieval History and Medieval Latin
    Master thesis about applied jurisdiction at the bishop’s court in Valais (southern Switzerland) from 1457-1482
  • 2008-2011: B.A. in History, Philosophy and Medieval Latin