Jérôme Guélat | External PhD Student

jerome I’m an ecologist with particular interests in population ecology, GIS, spatial modelling, landscape ecology, conservation biology and quantitative methods. I started my research career with shrews in Switzerland, and then I discovered the wonderful world of birds when I was volunteering for the conservation of the pink pigeon in Mauritius. I travelled back and I am now working for the Swiss Ornithological Institute.

Up to now my research focused mainly on:

  • Species distribution modelling and GIS
  • Metapopulation dynamics and coexistence of shrews
  • Conflicts between birds and wind farms

My PhD thesis is supervised by Marc Kéry (Swiss Ornithological Institute) and funded by Swiss National Science Foundation.

I also love being outside in the wild, hiking or snowboarding in the mountains, taking pictures, and diving. Otherwise I enjoy reading a good book when the weather is too bad…



  • 2013-present, PhD student, Institute of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies, University of Zurich
  • 2007-present, GIS Team Leader, Swiss Ornithological Institute
  • 2006-2007, Field Researcher, Mauritian Wildlife Foundation
  • 2006-2005, MSc in Conservation Biology, University of Lausanne



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