When Claude meets Charles…

“Claude Bernard and Charles Darwin, two geniuses from 19th century, initiated each in their own way and from disjoint areas, the contemporary biological revolution.
Physiological ecology is born from the convergence of their views and now evolves since the appropriation of the news tools such as molecular and cell biology, proteomics, ecotoxicology and isotopic chemistry. The main purpose of this biological discipline is to integrate physiological processes in the ecology and evolution concepts.” website

This is what drives me to Lyon (France) the last week to participate to the 1st Symposium of Animal Physiological Ecology.
It was a really interesting meeting with scientific talks of high quality.
Different topics have been discussed showing the multidisciplinarity of Physiological Ecology:
– Adaptations to extreme conditions
– Anthropogenic stress
– Behavior
– Genome, allocation, life history traits
– Pathogenesis and Parasites
– Physiological Ecology and Conservation

I gave a talk on the importance of physiological flexibility in a changing world and hope to present data on alpine marmots in 2 years at the 2nd Symposium of Animal Physiological Ecology!


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